Tom Hillenbrand kommt aus Hamburg und wohnt in München. Die meiste Zeit schreibt er – Krimis und Thriller, aber auch Science Fiction und historische Romane.

Seine Bücher wurden vielfach ausgezeichnet, unter anderem mit dem Friedrich-Glauser-Preis, dem Bremer Krimipreis, dem Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis und dem Deutschen Science-Fiction-Preis.

Tom hat Politikwissenschaft studiert und an der Georg von Holtzbrinck-Schule für Wirtschaftsjournalismus volontiert. Danach arbeitete er für verschiedene Publikationen, unter anderem für HANDELSBLATT, TELEBÖRSE, FINANCIAL TIMES DEUTSCHLAND, WIRED und

My name is Tom Hillenbrand. I am from Hamburg and live in Munich...

Ich lese regelmäßig im deutschsprachigen Raum auf Festivals und in Buchhandlungen.
Außerdem halte ich Vorträge zu den Themen Essen und Wirtschaft.

Die nächsten Termine:

Bei Presseanfragen und Anfragen zu Buchlesungen wenden Sie sich bitte an meine Agentur weissundblau.

Bei Vortragsanfragen kontaktieren Sie gerne die Agentur für Helden oder die Agentur geistes.gegenwart.

Bei Rechteanfragen sowie allen anderen Anfragen wenden Sie sich bitte an meine Literaturagentin Rebekka Göpfert.

About me

My name is Tom Hillenbrand. I write thrillers, sci-fi and mystery novels. Before I morphed into a full-time novelist, I covered technology and business for DER SPIEGEL’s online edition, FT Deutschland, WIRED Germany and others.


My literary agent is Rebekka Göpfert.

For PR enquiries and readings, please contact Dorle Kopetzky.


Books (fiction)

My thriller "Montecrypto" is a 21st century treasure hunt. When startup entrepreneur and bitcoin aficionado Greg Hollister dies in a plane crash, he leaves behind crypto worth billions of dollars - hidden somewhere. L.A. private eye Ed Dante gets hired to find the missing money. But why are the FBI, Chinese hackers and Russian criminals interested in the treasure the media has named Montecrypto? Dante soon finds out that Hollister's heritage is about much more than just a few digital coins. English summary and rights info here.

My sci-fi thriller "Hologrammatica" is set in 2088. Three catastrophes have ravaged the planet - climate change, a virus that has greatly decimated world population and a crisis known as "The Turing Incident". Private eye Galahad Singh is hired to find a missing computer programmer who worked on encrypting mind uploads - digital replications of human brains. Who kidnapped the programmer? Soon Singh doubts that his adversary is human. Winner of the Deutscher Science Fiction Prize 2019.  English summary and rights info here.

My dystopian scifi thriller "Drone State“ is set in a future European Union that has become the perfect surveillance state. It won the Glauser prize for best German detective novel and the Laßwitz prize for best science fiction novel in 2014. It is currently available in German, English, French and Japanese.

My historical novel „The Coffee Thief“ is a kind of Ocean’s Eleven with musketeers and powdered wigs. Set in the late 17th century, it is based on the true story of how the Dutch stole coffee plants from the Ottomans and broke the Turkish monopoly on the „wine of Islam“. Currently available in German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Serbian and Croatian. English summary and rights info here.


My Xavier Kieffer mystery series is about a cook and accidental detective. In every volume, Kieffer solves a murder (and uncovers a food scandal). The books are currently available in German, Italian, Spanish and Polish and are currently being made into a movie. English summary and rights info here.


"The Drones of Monsieur Leclerq“ is a collection of columns first published in the German edition of WIRED magazine - offering glimpses into a strange future, set in the world of „Drone State“. Available in German.


Books (non-fiction)

Co-written with Konrad Lischka, and crowdfunded by hundreds of fans, "Dragonfathers: The History of Role-Playing Games and the Birth of the Virtual World“ is a 360 page full color book about the history of pen & paper RPGs like "Dungeons & Dragons". It traces the roots of these analog virtual realities to early fantasy stories and Prussian war game simulations. The book is currently available in German only, but you can find an English summary here.


"The King’s NSA“ is an essay about the roots of mass surveillance in the Baroque era. It shows how Louis XIV and other monarchs used letters and ciphers to control the flow of information during the Enlightenment. Based on a Re:Publica speech, available in German and English.


"Bits & Bites. The invention of food“: What do iPhones and chocolate bars have in common? "Bits & Bites" looks at innovation in the food sector since the stone age. The essay is available in German and English.